Grundfos is EuP Compliant

[quote style=”boxed”]Launch of the EuP Directive: The EU has passed a directive intending to reduce Europe’s energy consumption and consequently is CO2 emissions. [/quote]

enviroment-03EU legislation requires manufactures to improve the life cycle energy efficiency of their products, and reduce their overall environmental impact. This legislation covers Energy-using Products such as pumps, motors and boilers, water heaters, computers, televisions and industrial products.

  • The EuP for electric motors (EC640/2009) sets strict requirements for energy efficiency in industrial applications.

[quote style=”boxed”]Grundfos not only meet the demands of the EuP/ErP legislation, but are also way ahead. [/quote]

The directive came into effect in mid-2011 and will gradually increase efficiency requirements in a 3-stage process.

A Better Financial and Environmental Choice

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Energy costs account for 85% of a normal Pump Systems Life Cycle Costs (LCC). Switching to a high-efficient motor technology can reduce the LCC by up to 50% plus reduce the environmental impact. The payback period for switching to and instillation a high-efficiency motor technology is usually 2 years.

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