Water Pumps Service and Support

water pumps and Grundfos

Our water pumps Grundfos team provide expert advice gained from hands on experience with Grundfos pumps. Not only do our customers receive water pumps of the highest quality, but also exceptional service.

High Quality with Grundfos

Our team at Water Pumps UK have gained hands-on-experience with Grundfos pumps and can transfer their knowledge to our customers when enquiries arise. Our team will use their experience, skills and expertise in the pump and water industry to suggest appropriate pump solutions to suit individual customer needs, and give continued valuable advice and pre and post-sales support.


WebCAPS trained

Our team at Water Pumps UK have been specially trained by Grundfos. This added service will benefit our customers as we use our expert knowledge to give our customers highly accurate information on pump sizing, technical information, literature and much more.


PLEASE CONTACT US if you require cable to be fitted to a borehole pump. This will be at an extra cost and will differ depending on the type of cable required and length. We use high quality TML electric cable, suitable for drinking water. Please CALL or EMAIL US to purchase both pump and cable.

If you require a pump which isn’t listed on our site, please CALL or EMAIL US and we can contact Grundfos direct and place an order for the relevant pump. Alternatively, if you are unsure of which pump would suit your requirements, CALL or EMAIL US and our knowledgeable team would specify a pump to your requirements. Tel: 01769 575990. Email: info@water-pumps.co.uk


We are happy to discuss your requirements with you- for expert advice call or email us.

 Tel: 01769 575990

Fax: 01769 574117

Mobile: 07792 664930

Email: info@sclwater.co.uk